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Welcome to HouseMatters where I share tips from my experience as a Management Consultant & HR Practitioner, gained from my days as a single lady, to date, working in a high-pressure environment; and showing people how to apply them at home.
Over the years, I found myself practicing at home, some of the things I knew and learnt at work… I did a little at a time and found that it was working. I liked the results I was getting, so I did some more and fine-tuned as I went along.
As a welcome gift to you, we have put together a free guide, with pertinent questions and considerations to get you started on the journey:

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This was really comprehensive, it touched on everything I should possibly consider. My only issue is the reality of putting it to work.

Toyin O.

This was awesome, and so easy to relate with even without being an HR person. Doing these will surely help increase the staff's effectiveness

Rebecca F.

I really enjoyed going through this, and I passed it on to my wife sharply. We need to look into these things more seriously. It's all part of intentional living.

Opeyemi M.

This Guide is very rich and timely, a lot of people will find it useful, particularly in finding a balance between what must be done, when and how.

Omotola F.

I want my free guide right away!

“Remember, it’s more than just a Guide, it’s the forerunner to the solution you have been waiting for”.

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